Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happenings On Oahu

So I was reminded by a friend that it has been a LONG time since I wrote an email out to everyone. So I guess there is a lot to catch you up on. I think we have to go all the way back to Halloween. This year for Halloween Kaden and Jarom were Batman and Robin! They were way cute! I forgot how warm it still is here and Jarom's costume was fleece so I cut it to be shorts and t-shirt so he wasn't burning up all night. I'll have to remember that for next year. We had a trunk or treat at the church along with a ward party with chili and rice (a staple here :)) cornbread, pumpkin carving contest and costume contest. I bought a huge bag of candy and was out in like 20 min! Who knew there would be that many kids! It was my first trunk or treat. So now I know to decorate our car to the max and buy like 1000 pieces of candy! There was also a free carnival with bounce houses, rides, games and food on Halloween we went there for a couple of hours and then did a little trick or treating before turning in for the night. Kaden finally finished off his last piece of candy 2 weeks ago! After Halloween was my (Amy) birthday. A whopping 28! We had some friends take us out to lunch at Kua'Aina Burger. YUM! We had cake and ice cream later that day and I gathered up a few friend to play some volleyball at the church. It was really fun. Jarom turned 1 a week later! This cutie is still my baby but he's not acting like it anymore. He is wanted to be more and more independent. Says mama, dada, baba (bottle), ball, signs more, thank you and blows kisses. He started taking steps around 10 months but now is walking as his main mode of transportation. He used to walk with both arms in the air like monkey arms and his little bum would be waddling side to side. It is so cute! We had cake and ice cream with just our little family. (later our friends found out and were a little upset they didn't know, nor did we throw a big party so we'll make up for it next year. Love Samoans! The week after that was Thanksgiving and we had it up in Pupukea at our friends house. Jimmy did the turkey which he put in a brine for a day. It was amazing. After dinner we all broke the cardinal rule and went swimming in their pool. Our ward started playing volleyball every Friday at church and we love it. Usually it is us 3 Samoan families and the missionaries and it is so fun! We get some really good rally's going and there are some crazy awesome spikes. Whenever any one messes up even in a major way we just start busting up laughing! I love it! Usually we start to keep score but then after about 10 points no one keeps score any more so we just play till about 9:30 when the missionaries go home. Now we are getting ready for Christmas. Our tree is set up and waiting to be decorated. We have gingerbread houses to create, Oreo truffles to make and give away and devour. Carols to sing and friends to be with. We are sad that we will not be spending it with all of you. But we cherish our time with each other reflecting on the birth of our Savior and all that he has done for us. Be kind to one another this Christmas! With much Aloha! -The Browns Jimmy, Amy, Kaden and Jarom PS If forgot to mention we got chickens! They are much bigger than in the pic. They will be going to the DeFretias family as soon as Jimmy is done building the coop :) Cute though hua? PPS The bus pics are because our ward rented a bus to go up to stake conference. Kaden's first time on a bus and he loved it! In no particular order... The pumpkin I carved for the contest Amy's Birthday Batman and Robin Bus Ride! Chicks! Family Pic at Ali'i Beach Park Swimming at Thanksgiving Jarom's Birthday Rides at the Halloween Carnival So cute! Ah Brothers!

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