Sunday, February 5, 2012


It has been a while since we've blogged, and I think that it's been too long! So starting from where we left off!

We celebrated my birthday! 26! I don't feel 26 so I must be getting too old! Although Jimmy always reminds me how young I am. (He is 8 years older than me.) We had cake and presents with some family. It was a fun night and I got some really nice presents. Thank you babe!

Shortly after my birthday was Thanksgiving. We had a very fun and low key Thanksgiving. We hosted and had my brothers and my nephew. Lots of fun and food. Who knew a college freshman could eat a whole pumpkin pie! (a heads up would have been nice Michelle! ;))

Our nephew was blessed the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was so fun to see family and this cute little boy! Kaden loves having more boy cousins!

Kaden has always loved the vacuum, and he especially liked this one because his cousin was letting him ride on it! He screamed when we took him off he was having so much fun!

More updates coming soon!