Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Months that is! Our little cutie Kaden is already 9 months old! We couldn't get in to the doc till the 21st so we'll get measurements later, but here is what he can do!

He can:
Say Mama, Dada, Baba
Crawl up the stairs
Points to what he wants
Pull himself up and walk around holding on to things
Pull lots of things out of containers
Ride in the shopping cart
give kisses
walk when we hold his hands
Loves to read with mom and dad

He loves to eat:
with his two teeth!
real people food! No more baby food jars for this one (yea!)
bananas, apple sauce, oatmeal, peas, cheese, puffs, green beans, peaches, otter pops, and anything else we are eating

He plays with his:
piano, cars, star tower, ball, pool, "face bomb" (a game daddy made up) and anything mommy and daddy have.

He sure seems like he is growing up so fast. His personality and looks are still a blend of both mommy and daddy. He is so happy and excited to be with people. At church last week we were sitting in the back row and he climbed up to see the people in the back and was smiling and laughing and clapping for them and holding up his arms to go over there. We were laughing so hard it was so cute and funny!

And for your viewing pleasure...

Sorry Kiddo, 15 more years!

Loves drinking from our cups

Loves crawling around after a bath

Cruising in the cart at Lowes

He LOVES reading books and turning pages.

Chilling with his car, pillow pet, and bottle. How much better can it get?

He got really sick during May. Not fun!

Walking around at Parade of Homes

Playing with his piano




He fell asleep, and I found him like this with his monkey on his head. So cute!

Yep, climbing the couch.

We tried out his new pool and he loves it!

I'm so grateful to be home with this kiddo all summer. He is such a blast, it's going to be a great summer!