Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here we go!

Kaden's 6 month appointment was last week. He was weighed measured, and shot :( But his latest stats are...

Height-26.5 in (48%ile)
Weight- 15.9 lbs (18%ile)
Head Cir- 16.5 in (8%ile)

We are a go on solid foods and he is loving everything we've given him. He can't wait to move on to fruits! And this past week he's been talking a little more. You know the dada, mama, baba's of baby language. But it is so cute! And for your viewing pleasure....

loving the bouncer at Auntie Elise's house

I even bounce with it outside!

I lifted this gallon of milk...Yes ladies..I've got the muscles!

Check out my sippie cup skills

I love it!

I might be a handful

And get in a bit of trouble

But mommy always lets me drink her water

I know I'm cute!

Hello, my name is Agent K

I am a thumb and finger sucker, no binky for me!

"Mom, will you stop taking pictures now so I can eat my dinner?!?"

Sweet dreamin'

Snuggling with momma and my bottle

Monday, March 14, 2011

Pie or Pi?

How about both?! I'm not one to celebrate Pi day, but with Thomas in town and an excuse to try something new, I made this.


I cut too big a slice, and enjoyed every bite of it!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Kaden turned 6 months yesterday! He is such a cutie and we just love him. Our doctors appointment for him isn't till the 14th, so we'll give you stats then. But at home he is:

Sitting up-Hurray!
Sleeping 8-12 hours a night! and 2 hour naps morning and afternoon. We love it!
Rolling all over- Seriously how does he get there!
Scootching- I'll have to post a video on this one, it's hilarious
Laughing & Joking- He laughs all the time and when we're nuzzling his neck making him laugh he'll do it back to us!
Holding his own bottle.
Loving oatmeal, rice and wheat cereal, and just started green beans and loved it!
(Which I figured since I craved those when I was prego and would eat it all the time!)

Toy- his monkey and jumper
Food- oatmeal
Time- Bath time and when mommy comes home!
Activity- Swinging or playing with mommy and daddy

We just love him so much, can't believe he's grown so much and can't wait to see what else this little guy can do!

Friday, March 4, 2011

So sad...

I love my job. I love the kids that I teach, the faculty I work with, and the fact that they are so family friendly. I don't think that the population realizes the work that teachers do. I remember it was so weird to see my teachers outside of school, but I made the realization that teachers are normal people too.

Well kind of normal.

I don't think a normal person would be under attack by the government, and parents constantly. Nor would a normal person work for less every year ($2,000 less). I don't think normal people would be ok with constantly putting out fires, teaching all curriculums, and 30 kids, 10 of those having health issues, learning disabilities, behavior disorders, and the rest of them telling you their every worry, excitement and dream. And would do all of these things while making less than a cashier at Costco.

But, I didn't write this blog to complain, I wrote this blog cause I am sad. I lost one of my students today. She has moved under sad circumstances, to another district. I feel like a piece of me is missing and I can't stand looking at her empty desk. She is as teachers would say, "A perfect student" and a wonderful little girl with so many hopes and dreams. It was sad to loose her. I know that she will blossom and shine in her future. I'll never forget that sweet smile!

As I said, I love my job, I love my "kids". I hope that someday, mom's and dad's, community leaders, and screwed up politicians can understand what I do and support me in it. I hope they realize that I only have 4 waking hours with my own child to spend 9 with yours. And I love them almost as my own and do my best to teach them things you can't/don't/forgot. I am teaching the future of our world. Do you realize that? Do you realize that my job is to help shape our future? Do you realize how valuable that is? And I do it, because I love it. I love seeing the light bulb go off. I love seeing a child grow. I love helping them learn and be confident, to become their own. And hope that one day they think, "I learned that in third grade because my teacher cared about me. "