Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yeah Rugby!!!

Yesterday I had my first Rugby experience. I was fascinated by the Tri, and Scrum, and line up when they pass the ball back into play and catch it by lifting up 200 pound men in shorts! Even though I am a USU Aggie, BYU played a great game. I couldn't help but laugh when the Utah fans in front of us were cheering for their team when they got a tri and the score went from 38-3 to 38-8 (still in the first half). Go COUGS!!! Hopefully Jimmy is feeling better to go watch the Cougs beat the Aggies. I'm not sure what team I'll be cheering for but I know it will be fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Valentine Day, Birthday Day, and Hero Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jimmy surprised me in the morning when I woke up to beautiful roses, much needed Mountain Dew and a journey of reminicing through our love story. It was a wonderful day even though I was sick in bed for most of it. It was 2 years ago on February 4th that Jimmy and I met at a ward volleyball game, and despite the many ups and downs, it's been an incredible journey. I love you Jimmy!


Two days after Valentine's day, we celebrated Jimmy's 31st birthday! Again it was celebrated being sick at home. I managed to get up the energy to make a Jello cake, and I'm glad I got his presents early! We had a fun and relaxing day though, just like he wanted.

I love you Jimmy. I'm grateful that I'm blessed with someone as wonderful as you in my life forever. Thanks for keeping me up, and loving me so much! I'm such a lucky one!

AND.... Hero Day!!!

Every once and a while my school (even though it's an elementary school) has School Spirit Days, and a different theme is picked each time. I admit spirit days have been more fun since Jimmy is working there with me. The theme picked was heroes, and as you can see we chose Wolverine, and Rogue, from X-men. Maybe not our true heroes, but definitely Super Heroes!!!

for those of you that haven't and wanted to see a glimpse of my classroom, here's a glimpse!

Look what I found!

So I was de-cluttering the other day and I found an underwater camera from Jimmy and my honeymoon in Hawaii. If you know me well enough or not at all you know that is my love. My classroom is even decorated in a Hawaiian beach theme. I was so excited to get the pictures developed and here they are. I hope that you can enjoy the "quality" of the camera, and feel the aloha spirit!

Jimmy jumping off a cliff at Sunset Beach.

Me snorkeling at Shark's Cove, and yes that's a sea turtle swimming with me! I'll call him "Crush".

I funny pic of Jimmy swimming. Too bad you can't see his 3 foot long free diving fins on his feet!

We spent a lot of time in the water snorkeling. Ah, we miss you Hawaii, we'll always have the memories!