Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our first DIY and then we moved

So Jimmy and I had an amazing opportunity that we just could not pass up. There were some openings in the Fleur de Lis apartments for $50 less than what we were paying. So we put our apartment up for sale and signed the contract for our 4 bed/2 bath place. In order to move we had to finish our kitchen cabinets that were started back in November. So we bought some paint and trim, fixed some of the tiles and wah lah! Our beautiful kitchen.

For our first Do-It-Yourself, on limited budget, with improper tools and work area I think it turned out great! We probably won't be doing another DIY for a while, but the experience was good, and now we know that when wanted or needed we can re-create a beautiful kitchen. And to all you future Do-It-Yourself Projecteers, if I could do it you can do it! We sold our contract in exactly a week and moved into our new place! and we love it! (more pictures of our new place to be posted as soon as we are unpacked...:)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend & Swiss Days!

I love being a teacher, and I love all of our days off! This labor day weekend started like all. The Brown girls head up to homestead resort for a getaway weekend and Swiss Days! I was more excited this year than last, I wasn't pregnant and I was so looking forward to the break! Tiffany and I drove up on Friday after work and met the other girls there.
We walked around a couple of aisles of booths before heading over to our hotel room. I finally remembered my swimsuit and after dinner I finally got to the hot tub and swim in the pool a little bit. Tiffany, Angie and I climbed up the gazillion stairs to the top hole of the crater and enjoyed "only looking" down the deep dark hole. That night we all went to bed and I slept like a baby, even without Jimmy, which means I was really tired. The next morning we got up and saw the inside of the crater in the daylight. It was so awesome I told Jimmy I wanted to go snorkeling there for my birthday. Then we drove over to Swiss Days and I thoroughly enjoyed my strawberries and cream breakfast and hit up all the rest of the booths. There was so much awesome stuff! I only wish I had a house to put it all in. I blew my budget and spent double! But Jimmy requested that I do so, so it was alright. I got a couple of things for a future baby, our house and my classroom. At the end of the day we had our last caramel apple and BBQ dinner and headed home after one last look at the booths. Tiffany drove me home and I came to a house full of cougar fans. I made it home with just enough time to watch the amazing legendary 10 minutes of the game. Today we have been relaxing and went for a drive up the Alpine loop. What a beautiful weekend!