Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our New Home!

We never though that it would happen so soon but we are buying a house!!! We've been looking and looking and found one that we simply could not pass up! Our inspection was done on Friday and we are just waiting to find out when we close but we'll be moving in this month! The house is a 4 bedroom 3 bath in Cedar Hills. We'll be sad to leave our Provo friends but they can always come visit ;) It's 5 minutes away from my school, and right by American Fork Canyon. We are so excited to be homeowners and have our own place, with a yard and basement and garage! So look for our house warming party announcement!!!
Update: The inspection went well, and the house has been appraised, looks like we're going down the home stretch now! We may possibly close as soon as mid next week. Here are some pictures we took while the home was being inspected~

The Happenings at the Brown Home

Whew! We have been very busy here at the Brown house. My parents (Amy's) are leaving on their mission on Monday and so we have had some wonderful family time. On Friday we met up with my parents to see our future house while it was being inspected. Then on Friday I was busy getting ready for my sister baby shower. Saturday afternoon was so fun getting decorations up and food and games ready for her. It was even better to have the family gathered sharing laughs stories and motherly wisdom. Sadly I forgot to take pictures but it sure was fun. Saturday night we went out to a family dinner to Bombay House! I love their food and unlike my favorite sushi the baby liked the Indian food! While we were there we ordered some Mango and Strawberry Lassi and I ordered a root beer, unfortunately they didn't hear the "root" part and brought out a frosted glass with my beer. It was funny! Don't worry it was sent back for the root kind of beer. Then today our family went to church together and after we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the Earl home with yummy Hawaiian haystacks, chocolate cake and lots of laughs!

My parents go into the MTC tomorrow morning. I am so proud of them for going on a mission. We are jealous and want to go to Madagascar with them! But we'll blog and email our adventures and we'll hear theirs as well.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gardening Already?!?

So, if any of you didn't know, Jimmy has the biggest green thumb I've ever seen. Unknown to many he is a certified arborist and knows just about everything about plants from the scientific name to the simplicity of the colors and where it grows best. We have always enjoyed doing a little garden ourselves, and since I showed him how easy it is to germinate seeds quickly in the winter so you actually get a harvest in the short Utah growing season, we've been starting super early! And today he was proud to bring home a 50lb bag of dirt and seeds! I think that it's a little crazy starting this early but he has a point. I do look forward to the fresh strawberries, tomatoes, green beans, corn, peppers, etc...that we get to eat come summer. Hopefully it is a great one this year with no wind storms to ruin it.

And if you want to hear the latest on our little seed growing inside of me, check out the baby blog->