Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Addition in the Brown Home!

I know you thought it was going to be a baby, but check out this baby! Our neighbor had a garage sale last week and we bought this pretty baby for a steal of a deal! The amazing thing was that every part was there and working perfectly, no scratches or anything, they even had the original balls to go with it. We've had a lot of fun having it in our house as you can see. When the basement is finished it will go down there, hopefully with an air hockey table or pool table as well. And I have to admit, Jimmy is a rock star when it comes to just about any sport or game, and I have yet to beat him still, but it will happen some day... just you watch!

Sorry, Jimmy's faces were so funny to me that I had to post all of the pics!


So I know I posted forever ago about our landscaping and house projects over spring break and I still haven't done an update on that post, and this is not one either, but, as I mentioned before we planted blackberries and we ate our first blackberries today! They were so sweet and yummy, not tart.

Bearing fruit

Too bad their isn't taste-o-vision on the internet, but if you come over in the next couple days I'll let you have one for yourself!

Also have you ever wondered what the teeniest grapes look like? Granted, they are still growing but aren't they cute!

Look really close and you can see the teeny tiny grapes!


Well Kaden had his 9 month well baby check up on his 10 month birthday (long story, not gonna tell). He is growing perfectly (as the doc said) The arc on his growth chart is pretty darn steady! Here are his stats:

Weight- 18.8 lbs (14th %ile)
Height- 28.25 in (32nd %ile)
Head- 17.7 in (30th %ile)

Tall and skinny like the doc said. It's really amazing to see where he used to be when he was born and where he is now. He's tripled his birth weight, and his head circumference was only 4th %ile! (which I was grateful for pushing him out!) I can't believe that he is going to be 1 in two months!!! He has grown into such a personality. My favorite things that he does is jumping in his crib when I go to get him, his look of concern if anyone is crying, playing "face bomb" diving into a soft blanket/pillow, and dancing!

In the last month he has been:
Starting to transition to 1 nap :(
walking with only one hand of help
standing on his own
and lots of other things I can't think of right now. I really need to make sure that I write this all down in his book. I don't think I've updated that in a long time! And, I finally uploaded some new pics. Enjoy the cuteness!

First sparkler with Daddy


I love me some Spaghetti!

Uh Oh! I can get in cabinets now! (and he already broke 2 bowls!!!)

I help mommy with the laundry

Computer Genius ;)

First time camping with Mom and Dad, Aunt Elise, Uncle Jeff, and my friend Reid!

Me and Aunt Elise

My buddy Reid!

Uncle Jeff

Standing on the stairs all by myself

Taking pics with Mommy

I really wanted the phone...

We had a blast taking these pics!