Sunday, September 18, 2011


Molly! Molly came into our life yesterday! Kaden LOVES dogs! So when the opportunity came for the exact dog we wanted for free, we took it! She is a full bred shih tzu a few years old and already potty trained! Last night was our first night with her and she was awesome. So far I haven't heard one bark, (the only new noises has been Kaden squealing in delight!) there have been no accidents, and no chewed on toys. The best thing is that she is hypoallergenic, so it shouldn't bother those with allergies, doesn't shed and is the calmest dog I know. Even when Kaden yanked on her tail there was no bite, not even a nip. We are sure glad she joined the family! And I have another girl on my side! Even if she is a dog.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Our little Kade-Man turned one on Tuesday! He is such a wonderful kiddo, We're so glad that he is in our family! It's hard to believe that a year ago he was in the NICU and now he is a happy, healthy, growing boy! We had his 1 year check up today and he is:

20.8 lbs (35th %ile)
31 inches (85th %ile)

tall and skinny!

He eats everything, loves milk, loves playing with friends, loves teasing and giving kisses. He walks, jumps, waves, says mama, dada, ball, light, yes, up, one, and banana.

He loves Lightning McQueen, golf balls, blocks, pillows, soft blankets, cheese, bananas, spaghetti, french fries, green beans, apples, peaches, pears, sandwiches, and CAKE!

We love when he is playful and teases. He is such a people watcher and is concerned when others are upset. Loves to be in the conversation and center of attention.

We sure love our little guy! Happy Birthday Kaden!!!

Cuddling with everything soft!

Loves swimming!

Plays with the toilet paper rolls all the time!


Loves his Uncle Tom!

We'll add more pics from his birthday party soon!