Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Photo Shoot!

Yesterday we had a family photo shoot :) A friend of ours is starting her photography business and offered a photo shoot as a baby gift! We loved it and had a fun time taking pictures. We'll get the CD of pics soon but in the meantime she posted a bunch on her blog. Check it out if you want to see the pictures. And if you are looking for an awesome photographer call her up, we were very impressed!

Friday, October 15, 2010

One Month Birthday!

Hi! I'm Kaden, and I turned one month old on October 6th. Mom was busy at parent teacher conferences but we celebrated when she got back! I really liked the cake (a few hours later). I've been busy growing, eating, eating, and pooping! We've visited family and friends, and had a lot of people come over to help us out. You guys helped Mom and Dad so much, Thanks! We've gone to see my doctor and he says that I'm healthy and growing great! We even went to visit the doctor who delivered me. He rocks! At home I really like baths because I like to go swimming! I really like my brown blanket that is really soft, so much that sometimes I sleep for 5 hours at night. And I always make sure to say my prayers! I eat a lot! Sometimes I get a little gassy after and it hurts, but then I'm happy again. Mom thinks that it's really cute when I smile or laugh in my sleep. I've given her a couple smiles when I'm awake too, but not a ton yet. I'm really good at pushing up with my legs and swinging my arms when I'm mad, and I really like to hold my head up for a little bit and look around when Mom or Dad is holding me. Sometimes when I'm eating from a bottle I can prop the bottle up myself! I especially like walks in my stroller so I can see outside too. I can't wait for Halloween. We're still trying to decide my costume this year, because Mom and Dad want to dress up as a family. Do you have any ideas? I just had my first photo shoot today and we are excited to get the pictures back soon! I sure am cute!