Thursday, March 15, 2012

18 Months!

Holy cow my little boy is getting big! It's hard to believe it's been that long since we brought him home from the NICU. He is learning, exploring, and loving life. We went to the doctors yesterday and he was measuring 75th%lie in height at 33 1/2 inches. He was at 50th %ile for weight at 26 pounds and 65 %ile on head circumference at 19 inches. It's hard to believe that little head was only in the 4th %ile when he was born.

He's still eating like a champ, and eats everything. He even pops in the brussel sprouts like it's popcorn and usually eats as much as us. He still loves his fruit, he was chomping down on a melon the other day and begged for more. He loves popcorn and will double fist it to eat it as fast as possible. And he knows right where the candy bowl is for his favorite suckers as well!

He is talking more and more every day! Besides his jibberish sentences (that are adorable!)I wish we knew what he was saying. He is sayinga bout 30-50 words, I've lost count... but they include:
car, light, keys, bike, baba, juice, cracker, cookie, yes, no, up, doggie, molly, woof woof, mama, dada, slide, this, that, what's this?, hot dog, airplane, bath, uh oh, ball, mickey mouse, moon, star, rock, etc...

He runs and jumps, is learning to pedal his trike, but also loves his Lightning McQueen car. When ever I get home from work, he gives me a hug and says "car? car?" cause he loves to play with all of the buttons and levers. He's been a little overconfident going down the stairs, and has had a few tumbles, but scoots on his butt, or slides with his feet, or tries to take them 2 at a time. What a nut. He's been making funny faces lately as well that are so cute!!

He likes helping mom with chores and when the wipes come out for a diaper change he'll keep one and start wiping the couch, wall, floor, or crib down. He'll help take out and put dishes in the dishwasher. He still chases me when I vacuum so we got out our little vacuum and he vacuums right along with me. Let's hope these habits stick!

He's going to nursery now which is great and Jimmy and I can go to our church classes. He usually has a really fun time but sometimes he's still pretty clingy and hangs out with mom and dad in church.

His latest fun thing to do is swim! I guess it's not a latest but we've gone to the Lehi Legacy Center a lot more often and he sprints right out to the water and tries to dive in. He hates his floatie because he wants to swim like everyone else so we practice and he kicks his legs and moves his arms. It's really cute! We're going to work on swimming a lot! My mom always said to get your kids swimming early so you don't have to worry and I agree with her wholeheartedly and hope to do the same with my kids. I don't think I can ever stop talking about my kid. We sure love him and love seeing him grow up and are looking forward to seeing everything he accomplishes. We love you Kaders!!