Friday, July 27, 2012

It's a...

We had our ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. Baby is measuring spot on in the 50th %ile is head down and ready to go, just like his older brother was at this time. He had all the parts he needed functioning like normal so we are grateful for that. The little stinker kept his legs closed just like Kaden as well but we knew to turn on my side sooner than later to get a peek. And he was nuzzled in his mama so we didn't get a good profile. Oh well, next time :) I haven't uploaded the pics from the ultrasound yet, but as soon as I do I'll post them. I've been doing good. Feeling the heat of summer and staying inside during the hot times of the day. I'm enjoying my last couple of weeks till summer ends and I'm back to school. We're getting excited for this little one to come. Kaden will point to my belly and say, "baby, See?" Then he'll lift my shirt and put his mouth up to his brother and say "hi baby!" or "Night Night baby" It's cute! He's loving any little baby that he sees and gives hugs to little babies at the splash pad and church or at the park. I think that he'll be a great big brother.